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Buy Neuramis Products Online

Neuramis – safety and high quality effect of contour plastic

Neuramis fillers manufactured by Medytox Company (South Korea) have been acknowledged by the esthetic medicine specialists  as the most reliable and safe products. This leading company located in South Korea not only manufactures beauty products, but also has its own scientific research center where it studies and develops new products. Neuramis is based on unique SHAPE technology (stabilization and purification of hyaluronic acid). There are 6 products in the product line, and each of them has its own peculiarities. This allows a specialist to choose the best option for the patient in accordance with his or her needs.

Main advantages

  1. The main component of the gel is purchased from the Japanese manufacturer Shiseido. The quality and high safety profile of hyaluronic acid has been confirmed by the controlling body – US and Europe drugs quality control administrative authorities.
  2. Procedures are quite painless because the filler contains lidocaine (there is no need to take pills or use other anesthetics).
  3. There are no harmful components contained in the product due to a high degree of purification. Therefore the product does not cause allergic reactions or inflammations.
  4. Biodegradation is even; the product is completely excreted from the body.
  5. The product has the optimal ratio of density, elasticity and viscosity.
  6. It is easy to inject it into the body and to distribute it within tissues.
  7. Long-term result – from 6 months to 1 year.

Product composition and package

The product is manufactured in the form of a syringe filled with 1 ml. of filler. It is also completed with 2 needles.
The gel contains hyaluronic acid 20 mg / ml and lidocaine 3 mg / ml (except for Meso and Deep drugs). The composition of Neuramis Meso additionally contains mannitol 9 mg / ml.

Purpose of product usage.

Neuramis makes it possible to correct various facial defects thanks to a wide range of fillers:
  • Biorevitalizant Neuramis Meso – actively nourishes the skin with moisture, restores its structure, improves elasticity.
  • Deep – is used for moderately expressed and deep wrinkles, significantly volumizes lips.
  • Neuramis – suitable for surface lines and medium wrinkles, models the shape of the lips.
  • Neuramis Deep – is similar to Deep, but contains anesthetic.
  • Light Lidocaine is designed for biorevitalization, actively moisturizes the skin, eliminates wrinkles.
  • Neuramis Volume – corrects facial contour, volumizes cheekbones, smoothes folds and deep wrinkles.

Where to purchase the product

It is most profitable to purchase the product from direct suppliers of esthetic industry products from Korea, such as Viana supermarket.  In this case, the price for Neuramis will be lower due to the absence of intermediate sellers.
The price of different Neuramis fillers is the same. In order to properly make a purchase, you should first visit a cosmetologist who will select the product that will meet your needs best.
The average price for products can be found in the price lists of online stores in Moscow.


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