Buy Etermis 3 (2x1ml) Online

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Etermis 3 Sir Intraderm is a more intense solution than Etermis 2.  created with love to the women and attention to their needs. Its main mission is to reduce the wrinkles on the face and neckline.


Buy Etermis 3 (2x1ml) Online

Etermis 3 is the new, more intensive verson of Etermis 2 that has a powerful anti-aging effect.

Each syringe of the dermal filler passes through meticulous quality control, before it comes to your hands! The perfect safety and the clever resistance to bio-absorption, make this dermal filler indispensable in wrinkle-fighting.
The magic of the hyaluronic filler Etermis 3 by Merz is in the cross-linked hyaluronic acid, delicately combined with mannitol, which brings to long lasting results and beautiful looks. 

What is the contents of the box? 
– Hyaluronic acid (cross-linked), with mannitol and glycerol
– 2 x 1.0 ml syringes 

Action of Etermis 3: 
– Reduction of the medium to deep wrinkles and lines;
– Removal of the nasolabial bumps;
– Removal of the marionette lines;
– Improving the chin contour;
– Strengthens and fills is the lips. 


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