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A lipolytic solution for dissolving fat deposits in hard to reach places. Topical use only.

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Buy Dermaheal LL Online

Active ingredients of Dermaheal LL
A combination of growth factors
A biomimetic peptides complex
The modus operandi of Dermaheal LL is quite straightforward. It dissolves fat and decreases the thickness of the skin where that is needed. Since it is designed to be injected in the adipose tissue, the product also delivers a lifting effect by reducing the fat in this specific part of the skin. Dermaheal LL can be applied via injection on many regions of the face and body among which are:

Abdomen area
Neck, chin, and cheeks
Hands and shoulders
Hips, tights, and knees
The back
A pain-free treatment with retained results
Dermaheal LL is not meant to be injected very deep into the skin which is why it delivers a painless fat resolving mesotherapy that comes with zero discomfort and does not even require the use of anesthetics. The first results can be seen in about a month’s time because, to deliver durable effects and to eliminate the yo-yo factor, it takes a gradual, uniform approach to fat burning.

In addition to that, this new-generation lipolytic solution from the Dermaheal line, also stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, giving treated areas a more youthful and smoother complexion.


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