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Apply as daily care, morning and/or evening, before the day and/or night cream.
Indication: Wrinkles correction.


  • Filorga Time Zero Multi-Correction Wrinkles Serum 30ml is a serum that acts on all wrinkles type : deep wrinkles, tiredness wrinkles, contraction wrinkles and surface wrinkles.

    This serum acts in deepness and treats each type of wrinkles :

    – Deep wrinkles, Correction Filler-Like, thanks to a trio of actives around the hyaluronic acid which replumps visibly the marked wrinkles.

    – Tiredness wrinkles, Correction Mesotherapy-Like, thanks to a duo of Matrikines, associated to NCTF will tonify the tissues to smooth the lines.

    – Contraction wrinkles, Correction Botox-Like, acts with a duo of Tripeptide-Hexapeptide that modulates the neuronal transmission to relax the lines without fixing the expressions.

    – Surface wrinkles, Correction Botox-Like, thanks to Gluconolactone associated to an exfoliating active, will resurface the skin to smooth the micro-relief.

    Day after day, you will find that your face looks younger and wrinkles are filled


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