Where to buy Eco-Ultrafiltrates online

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Where to buy Eco-Ultrafiltrates online



Eco-Ultrafiltrates are extracts from stem cells that are used for the regeneration of ineffeficient or defective organic structures, disrupted regulating systems, and for the improvement of bodily functions due to deterioration by diseases and aging. They supply the biological building blocks (on a molecular level) to help optimize and maximize your body’s metabolic processes. Eco-Ultrafiltrates serve primarily for substitution and secondarily for triggering repair and regeneration of cellular health.

Eco-ultrafiltrates contain a number of organic and inorganic ingredients of molecular weight below 10 kDa. They show a characteristic distribution pattern of organic and inorganic components typical for individual organs and tissues.

M91 (material line, origin in 1991)
Country of origin: New Zealand
P91 is a typical paternal line (for production breeding males) with a good growth of live weight and feed conversation traits

P91 (paternal line, origin in 1991)
Country of origin: California, USA & Nitra, Slovakia, E. U.

Eco-ultrafiltrates have a shelf-life of six years, if kept in a refrigerator at an optimum temperature from +2°C to +10°C (not frozen) and fully protected from direct sunlight.


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