Belotero Hydro.

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Belotero® Hydro is an innovative dermal filler intended for intensive hydration of the face, neck, neckline and hands.

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Especially developed for action, deep in the dermal layers, Belotero Hydro from Merz range eliminates the dryness and makes your skin smooth, soft and youthful.
Dehydration processes are the cause of wrinkles. The delicate hyaluronic acid formula and the Belotero Hydro gel-like fine texture, help in its smooth and efficient application.

Composition and concentration:
Hyaluronic acid 18 mg / 1 ml
Aiguille 30G

How long to use Belotero Hydro for optimal results?
The treatment phases require the application of 2-3 procedures every 30 days.
The period between the two sessions allows the skin to restore its natural process of rehydration.
Maintenance treatment is applied 1-2 times a year.

What are the possible side effects after using Belotero Hydro dermal filler?
Among the possible unwanted reactions of using Merz’s Belotero Hydro are edema, redness, itching and minor pain at the injection site. Side effects are short-lasting and usually disappear for several days.


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